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The company ˝ Steeltec doo ˝ was founded in 2009 with the main activity – import and trade in steel sheets. In a very short time, the placement of steel sheets reached a volume of 8000 tons per year.

In 2011, with the construction of a production and distribution plant in Jarak (Sremska Mitrovica municipality, near the exit to the Zagreb-Belgrade Ruma loop), the company will start its own production of drywall profiles, which increases the capacity of customer service, with the highest product quality. In a short period of time, our participation in the sheet metal trade reaches the level of 40%.

With the growth of sales, we have modernized production by introducing modern equipment, technology and production line, which has led to sales growth of 6 million long meters of profiles with a further tendency to grow and expand the product range in the future.

STEELTEC is a company that is a leader in Serbia in the production and distribution of cold-formed profiles made of galvanized steel sheet.

With its successful business strategy and investment in product quality, Steeltec supplies distributors and consumers of profiles as a reliable partner.

Products in Steeltec’s range are drywall profiles used for suspended ceilings and partition walls, as well as reinforcements for PVC profiles used in the production of carpentry, and are made of galvanized steel sheet.

In 2014, we entered the sector of production of steel structures and for that reason we employ a large number of licensed engineers in the field of mechanical engineering and construction, as well as highly qualified locksmiths and welders.

The company also has all the certificates required for high quality work, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, EN 1090-1: 2012, EN 1090-1: 2008, A1: 2011 (EXC 2 and EXC 3), DIN EN ISO 3834-2: 2006

Your vision is our mission.

For steel construction, it is necessary to have a steel will. Because we build to last a long time. That dozens of future generations use and enjoy our works. That is why we do our best to always be new, better, faster and of better quality than others.

There is no greater satisfaction in work than seeing the hand of one’s work every day, how it progresses, how it grows, how it rises high, always high. Because only the sky is the limit.

Today, the company Steeltec doo is based on the following activities:

  1. Providing services in prefabrication, fabrication and assembly of steel structures for:

facilities -industrial facilities
-heat exchangers
-industrial cranes
– special constructions (silos, tanks, tanks)
-providing basic excavations

  1. Production and sale of profiles for dry construction:

-profiling of profiles for dry construction
-production of corner strips for plastering
-production of reinforcements for PVC joinery

  1. Sales of steel sheets

– galvanized sheet metal, plasticized, cold rolled, stainless steel and aluminum –
straightening and cutting of sheets into boards up to 3 mm –
unwinding and soldering of sheets

We perform all activities in one of the most modern plants in the region, size 1,286 m2 and 2,540 m2 on a land area of ​​2.5 ha, which are equipped with modern machines, equipment and cranes with a capacity of 5t, 8t and two cranes of 18t.


HEALTHCARE EUROPE production complex

Production and assembly of the complete steel structure needed for the construction of the Everrest memory foam factory of the Chinese investor on the Rum loop. In the process of construction of these facilities, which occupy an area of ​​30,000.00 m2 and 1000 tons of steel structure, the investor entrusts us with the manufacture and installation of 34 tanks with a total volume of about 1,600.00 m3 (400t of built-in steel) for storage of fluids needed in memory foam production.

Weight of steel structure: 1000t

Production hall I STEELTEC

Jarak, Sremska Mitrovica, 1.174 m2

Weight of steel structure: 75t

Warehouse of materials and equipment of the Red Cross

Bogovođa, 300 m2

Weight of steel structure: 10t

Production hall II STEELTEC

Jarak – Sremska Mitrovica, 2.074m2

Weight of steel structure: 130t

Business building CALZEDONIA


Weight of steel structure: 15t

Business building EKO MARKET

Bijeljina BiH, 1.208 m2

Weight of steel structure: 45t

Sales and exhibition salon STOJANOV

Novi Sad, 820 m2

Weight of steel structure: 50t

Warehouse NELLY

Loznica, 813 m2

Weight of steel structure: 42t

ZEOCHEM business and production complex

Karakaj , Zvornik, BiH, 6.000m2 panela

Weight of steel structure: 1000t

Business premises FRONERI

Stara Pazova, 14.748,23 m2

Weight of steel structure: 300t

Project for construction of flue gas desulphurization plant in Ugljevik thermal power plant, Bosnia and Herzegovina, for Investor Rudnik and Ugljevik Thermal Power Plant

  • Production and delivery of steel structures for the facility “Pumping Station”,Weight of steel structure: 210t
  • Development of workshop documentation, production and delivery of steel structure for the facility “Limestone grinding”, and production and
  • delivery of steel structure for the facility “Staircase at the limestone silo”.Weight of steel structure: 220.85t
  • Manufacture and delivery of steel structures for the facility “Reception of limestone”, “Staircase at gypsum silos” and “Platforms and staircase under limestone silos”.Weight of steel structure: 120.17t

Palilula Market

Ilije Garašanina bb,  Belgrade

Weight of steel structure: 550t

Business building Mlin Tomić doo

Bijeljina, BiH

Weight of steel structure: 20.9t

Business building Keramika Jovanović doo

Bijeljina, BiH

Weight of steel structure: 50t

Business facility according to the turnkey system DAHLIA doo


Weight of steel structure: 6t

Business building TE-TO Sremska Mitrovica

Sremska Mitrovica – procurement, delivery and installation of construction hardware and sheet metal

Production hall within the Mitas industrial complex


Weight of steel structure: 34t

Production warehouse part of the existing production and business facility P+0-P+1 SR KANA

Nova Pazova

Weight of steel structure: 68t

Hall Viva Tref doo Belgrade

panel installation  3935m²

Weight of steel structure: 150t

Object Border crossing Sot

3306/2 K.O. Sot

Weight of steel structure: 29t

Retail facility - IDEA supermarket

Sremska Mitrovica

Weight of steel structure: 12.4t

Business and production complex Adient

Belgrade, trapezni lim 1500m²

Težina čelične konstrukcije: 140t

Business building WD Concord West doo

Belgrade, steel construction 140t , trapezoidal sheet 1500m²

Poslovni objekat W.D. Concord West doo

Belgrade, trapezoidal sheet 1500m²

Weight of steel structure: 140t

Belgrade Fair, Belgrade

Weight of steel structure: 11.4t


Nikola Tesla Airport, Belgrade

Weight of steel structure: 30t

Yugotub, Nova Pazova

Yugotub, Nova Pazova

Weight of steel structure: 68t

Assembly and disassembly stage INTEGRAL TEHNIC doo


Weight of steel structure: 3.9t

Roof mesh construction of the METEOR business building.


Weight of steel structure: 13.5t

Production and delivery of HEAT EXCHANGERS for Libya, TECHNOSTEEL & CONSALTING doo

Sremska Mitrovica

Weight of steel structure: 65t

Execution of works on the reconstruction and extension of the surgical and gynecological block of the general hospital in Loznica

Weight of steel structure: 65t

Production and installation of galvanized canopy construction MODULOR doo


Weight of steel structure: 4.5t

Execution of works on the construction of the leveled pedestrian crossing PASARELA


Weight of steel structure: 31t

Execution of works on the construction of road portals in Loznica

Weight of steel structure: 18.5t

Execution of works on the facility FARMA, Sterijino, Ada, METAL-HEMIKO doo

Weight of steel structure: 30t + panel assembly service

Fabrication and assembly, steel construction of the upgrade of the existing business facility in Jarak and procurement of thermal insulation panel KLANICA AVRAMOVIĆ


Weight of steel structure: 4.3t

Production and delivery of steel silo construction elements in Bor - ZIJIN COPPER


Weight of steel structure: 1040t

Fabrication and installation of the steel structure of the staircase at the Covid Hospital intensive care facility


Weight of steel structure: 11.9t

Construction of drinking water storage tanks

location of the spring in Borkovac

Weight of steel structure: 20t


ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, EN 1090 – 1:2012, EN 1090 – 1:2008, A1:2011 (EXC 2 i EXC 3), DIN EN ISO 3834 – 2:2006, 3D Experience


3D EXPERIENCE je sveobuhvatna poslovna platforma koja povezuje dizajnere, inženjere, menadžere, različite sektore i lokacije u integrisanom preduzeću, omogućavajući stvaranje više od proizvoda i to iskustvo za kupce ili potrošače.

Softver Dassault Sistemes omogućava svojim korisnicima da posmatraju ili učestvuju u 3D virtuelnim prostorima i doživljavaju ih. Softver Dassault Sistemes pruža korisnicima alate koji im omogućavaju da koriste višedimenzionalne artefakte za stvaranje interaktivnih 3D virtuelnih prostora.

Jedinstvenim interfejsom lakim za upotrebu, on pokreće Industry Solution Experience, zasnovan na 3D dizajnu, analizi, simulaciji i softveru za inteligenciju u zajedničkom interaktivnom okruženju. Ova jedinstvena poslovna platforma omogućava razmenu podataka bez promene formata i može se integrisati sa raznim CAD, CAM, CAE, ERP i PDM / PLM sistemima. Pruža informaciono okruženje sa tačno definisanim korisničkim ulogama i kompetencijama, aplikacijama za 3D modeliranje i simulaciju, kao i aplikacijama za inteligentno upravljanje podacima, pretragu podataka i sistematizaciju.

Platforma 3D EXPERIENCE integriše različite brendove i rešenja sistema Dassault Sistemes – CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA, 3DVIA, DIMOLA, ICEM, EKSALEAD, NETVIBES – integrisana su putem doslednog korisničkog koncepta i integrisanog modela podataka o proizvodu u bešavno rešenje. Svi korisnici rade integrisani u jedinstveno saradničko i interaktivno okruženje sa jedinstvenom bazom podataka, jer su softverska rešenja integrisana u jedinstveno rešenje kroz dosledan koncept kupaca i integrisani model podataka o proizvodu.

Ova jedinstvena poslovna platforma omogućava integraciju svih procesa i podataka tokom životnog ciklusa proizvoda.

Lokalni 3D IKSPIRIENS (na korisničkoj opremi) pruža korisniku mogućnost lokalnog postavljanja programskog rešenja, a podaci se mogu prilagoditi i integrisati prema jedinstvenim potrebama korisnika. Integracija svih podataka omogućava pristup iz jednog izvora, čime se smanjuje potreba za dodatnim IT uslugama.


Marković Miodrag

Managing Director Contact: 060 3 1111 01

Marković Mira

Bachelor of Economics Contact: 060 3 1111 00

Bogićević Dragan

CFO Contact: 063 268 321

Bogićević Zoran

Lawyer Contact: 060 66 89 0 88

Janković Branko

Director of the profile production sector Contact:  060 3 1111 05

Ijačić Aleksandar

Head of CNC programming and material cutting department Contact: 069 3 1111 06

Davidović Bogdan

Civil engineer Contact: 060 3 1111 06

Basrak Milena

Civil engineer Contact: 069 651 623

Vasić Miloš

Construction technician

Gajić Anica

Occupational health and safety expert

Popović Srećko

Commercialist of the metal profiles sector Contact: 069 3 1111 05

Lackovic Dragana

HR Contact: 065 9502 700